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Give Up Unblocked

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Give Up Unblocked is a game that will easily test your patience. Basically, it is a platformer game. But, it is not just like any other platformer game. What sets this game apart from the other games is that it is extremely difficult. You play as a tiny stickman-like figure and your goal is to reach the end of a level, which is located on the other side of your screen. Sounds easy, right? It probably does, especially because the levels are so small. However, it is much harder than you may think. There are many death thraps waiting for you in Give Up Unblocked game. And while some of them are easy to avoid, many of them are not. 40 challenging levels are waiting for you. But, that is not all. The PC is constantly trying to encourage you to just simply quit each time you fail. So, are you ready to take on a challenge? Are you patient enough? If so, then you should definitely play game Give Up Unblocked.

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